Ask an Angler: Trout Fishing in the Driftless Region

Ask a Driftless Angler

When taking a look at the unique and scenic region of southwestern Wisconsin, known as the Driftless Area, one can’t help but mention its legendary wooded bluffs, wealth of native wildlife, and expansive networks of freshwater streams. You’ll discover what may seem like a…

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Tour the Top 3 Historic Places in Boscobel, Wisconsin

Top Historic Places in Boscobel, Wisconsin

School bells ringing, troops marching, salesmen chatting, and train whistles a-blowin’ – these are just a few of the sounds that hang on the wind in Boscobel, paying homage to the past. Located in the Driftless region of southwestern Wisconsin, there are many historic…

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How to Have a Successful Sandbar Camping Trip

Sandbar Camping on the WI River

Some outdoor activities can be found just about anywhere. Camping on a Wisconsin River sandbar, however, is not one of them. This experience, unique to the Lower Wisconsin Riverway, is enjoyed by many locals and out-of-towners alike. As the old saying goes, it’s not…

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Citizen of the Year – 2016

Citizen of the Year 2016 – Barb O’Kane The Outstanding Citizen Award is sponsored by the Boscobel Chamber of Commerce and was established in the memory of Chuck Yahn, a Boscobel businessman, church, school, and community booster. This community has many devoted people who give…

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Take a Walk in the Wooded Bluffs of Boscobel

A Walk in the Wooded Bluffs of Boscobel

Imagine a land that runs wild – a land left unaffected by the glaciers which shaped so much of the Midwestern landscape. The land you’re imagining is very real, and it’s known as the driftless region. In Boscobel’s neck of the woods, it’s also…

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Visit Boscobel: Basic Safety Tips for the Wisconsin River

Basic River Safety Tips for the Wisconsin River

Canoeing and Kayaking down the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway (LWSR) is a truly incredible and scenic experience. Just shy of 93-miles in length, the LWSR is the longest free-flowing section of river in the Midwest. Although this outdoor recreational gem is a treasured piece…

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The Ultimate Boscobel Vacation Bucket List

The Ultimate Boscobel Bucket List

Imagine picturesque, hills and bluffs combined with a weaving, rolling river and quiet, peaceful backwaters. This is Boscobel, Wisconsin – your outdoor recreation destination. Our unique scenery draws visitors from all walks of life. For those of you considering a visit, we’ve put together…

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Boscobel Morel Hunting: How to Find the Elusive Mushrooms

Boscobel Morel Hunting

Mushroom hunters have long held the evasive morel in high regard, due to its rich, nutty flavor and annual resurgence. Also known for its cone-shaped, highly pitted cap, this popular species of mushroom has captivated the interests of the adventurous (and the hungry) for…

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Boscobel Chamber of Commerce Publishes New Visitor’s Guide

2016 Boscobel Visitor's Activity Guide.

The Boscobel Chamber of Commerce went to press the last week of April with a 16-page, full-color visitors guide to promote tourism for Boscobel, Muscoda, Blue River and Wauzeka. The guide contains listings of special events, local attractions, outdoor adventures, parks, dining, shopping, lodging,…

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Grant County: Hunting, Fishing & Recreation

Campers on the beach.

Grant County is located in the far southwest corner of Wisconsin. Wooded acres and free flowing streams create an environment that pleases the eye and provides a sportsman with opportunities. A memorable experience can be found in our woods, streams and towns. Whether you’re…

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