The Ultimate Boscobel Vacation Bucket List

The Ultimate Boscobel Bucket List

Imagine picturesque, hills and bluffs combined with a weaving, rolling river and quiet, peaceful backwaters. This is Boscobel, Wisconsin – your outdoor recreation destination. Our unique scenery draws visitors from all walks of life. For those of you considering a visit, we’ve put together the top bucket list activities you won’t want to miss on your Boscobel vacation.

Canoeing and Kayaking on the WI River

Bucket List: Canoeing and Kayaking on the WI River

There’s nothing quite like gliding through the glassy waters of the driftless region. The Lower Wisconsin State Riverway provides incredible views along the tranquil landscape of Boscobel and surrounding communities.

Bucket List: Spend a Day on the River

Reserve a trip on the water, and embark on an unforgettable journey with your significant other or group of companions. It’s a great way to reconnect with nature…as well as those around you!

Bucket List: Camp on a WI River Sandbar

Take your canoe or kayak adventure one step further with a truly unique experience – an overnight stay on the river. The Wisconsin River produces large sandbars, which can easily become a campsite for outdoor enthusiasts. The best aspect of sandbar camping? It’s free!

Hiking and Biking in Boscobel

Bucket List: Cyclists Riding Driftless Routes

Located in the heart of scenic, driftless landscape, Boscobel is an excellent choice for hiking/backpacking trips or engaging cycling adventures. 

Bucket List: Take a Hike

Immerse yourself in a world of rolling, forested hills, natural valleys, and limestone bluffs. Feel close to nature, and discover incredible views with acres and acres of public land to explore. You may even happen upon a wide array of wildlife, such as deer, butterflies, eagles, and many others.

Bucket List: Bring your Bike

Tour the winding routes following the natural shoreline of the Lower Wisconsin Riverway. Cyclists come to Boscobel from throughout the Midwest for challenging roads and terrific scenery, making it a must-do for adventurous riders.

Hunting and Fishing Boscobel’s Public Land

Bucket List: Fishing the Streams of Boscobel

With approximately 44,000 acres of public land to explore along the Wisconsin River, you’ll find plenty of wide open spaces to enjoy Wisconsin’s most popular outdoor hobbies: hunting and fishing.

Bucket List: Hunting on Public Land

Once known as Wisconsin’s Turkey Hunting Capital, Boscobel enjoys a rich hunting history. The area also offers opportunities for other birds, such as duck and pheasant, as well as small game, and of course…whitetail deer.

Bucket List: Trout Fishing Boscobel’s Streams

The driftless region offers an elaborate network of cold, limestone creeks and streams. These tributaries are trout fishing havens for anglers in need of a new destination.

Boscobel is positioned in Grant County and neighbors both Richland and Crawford Counties. The WI-DNR reports that there are nearly 90 Class-1 trout streams between the three, creating plenty of chances for fly fisherman to grab dinner throughout the serene wilderness.

Did someone say, fish fry?

Around Town in Boscobel, WI

Bucket List: Shopping at Local Boscobel Favorites

Although outdoor recreation is Boscobel’s bread and butter, you shouldn’t overlook what the town, itself, has to offer. Our local shops, attractions, and parks provide a rustic, hometown feel to your visit.

Bucket List: Local Shops, Historic Attractions, and Fun-Filled Parks

Shop for unique home décor, antiques and collectibles, and local artists’ work at The Quick Running Squash Gift Shop & Studio. This is an area favorite, where you’ll find the perfect souvenir to remember your trip or gift item to share your experience with someone else.

As far as attractions go, you won’t want to miss the Boscobel Depot Museum. Originally built in 1857, the iconic structure has had many uses over the years. From an enlistment site to a travel station, the Boscobel Depot was recently renovated and is open for public viewing every Saturday.

Head back outside to Kronshage Park, where you’ll find an exciting disc golf course. This is a great way to test your skills and enjoy a few hours around town. To rent discs, simply stop by the Boscobel Public Library, where they have equipment on hand.

How Many Bucket List Items Will You Check Off?

Make this the year that you try something new, and visit Boscobel – Wisconsin’s Outdoor Recreation Destination!

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