Boscobel Depot Museum

800 Wisconsin Ave Boscobel WI 53805
800 Wisconsin Avenue Boscobel Wisconsin 53805 US

Since the construction of the old depot in 1857, the Boscobel Depot was the heartbeat of the area. It served as the marshaling point of 2,000 plus young enlisted men of the Union Army and again in subsequent years of W.W.I and W.W.II. It also served the area with food and industrial goods, as well as travel-through station. Included among notable people entering the City were the two traveling salesmen, Samuel E. Hill and John H. Nicholson, who began the writings of the Gideon Bible, as well as John Blaine who left the City for a 3-term governorship of Wisconsin and later adversary for President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The Boscobel Depot has recently been restored and will again serve the community as a very functional building with the conversion of its interior into a Turn-of-the-Century Railroad and Early Rural American Walk-through Museum. The Boscobel Chamber of Commerce and Boscobel Community Foundation offices are located in the Depot building. For more information call 608-375-2672.

Open for Free Tours on Saturdays from 8am-2pm from May through October

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